Irdeto services both MultiChoice Group companies and more than 400 external clients. Revenue from MultiChoice Group companies accounted for 50% of total Irdeto revenue in FY20 (FY19: 52%), which is eliminated on consolidation.

As a key service provider to our group, Irdeto provides encryption and conditional access solutions for our decoders and OTT services. In addition, Irdeto helps us combat piracy across the African continent. This year, Irdeto disconnected 2 192 illegal rebroadcasting and streaming operators, resulting in the elimination of pirated video entertainment services to 0.9m households.

We broadly manage our business across two major segments, namely a media security segment and a connected industries business.

In our media segment, the content protection market is fairly mature, typically resulting in low single-digit, industry-level growth. The industry is also affected by traditional pay-TV operators in developed markets coming under pressure due to shifting industry dynamics resulting from growing competition in OTT. However, this provides new business opportunities, either through traditional operators adapting or with new market entrants. Given broadband constraints, emerging markets are less affected and Irdeto completed the design and testing of new products for major new pay-TV customers in India this year. There are also opportunities for us to pursue through other forms of digital content, like gaming. We recently trialled exciting new security products for anti-cheat and mobile gaming through our subsidiary, Denuvo.

Content protection is an industry that has historically been led by a small number of vendors, who subsequently acquired smaller competitors to gain market share. Despite this market consolidation, we successfully increased our market share and are the second largest content protection vendor globally by volume of shipments.

Irdeto remains well positioned to maintain and grow our position in the market, given our differentiated offering, established brand name, long-standing market reputation and partnerships, and consistent focus on innovation. These innovations include the introduction of flexible, software-based conditional access systems for broadcast and internet protocol television (IPTV) operators, advanced multidigital rights management (DRM) support, and extensive cybercrime protection services.

In our connected industries segment, our focus on diversifying our revenue streams continued yielding positive results. We are progressing with embedded security for automotive manufacturing clients and the first vehicles with Irdeto security onboard deployed during the year. We also see opportunities in related industries such as construction equipment leasing and rental fleet management. In the past year, we won our first major industrial IoT customer.

Going forward, we see potential opportunities in other areas where data security is critical.