Value creation for our stakeholders and providers of capital


Our inclusive approach to stakeholder engagement continuously aligns stakeholder needs, interests and expectations with those of our business. We focus on building long-lasting and impactful relationships based on trust to ultimately deliver stakeholder value. We recognise that our operations impact a broad range of stakeholders, who are the custodians of many of the capitals we rely on in the course of our operations. In line with the IIRC’s < IR > Framework, we define the capitals we use in our business as follows:

  FINANCIAL CAPITAL: The funding received and the financial resources available to the group.
  TECHNOLOGY AND PLATFORMS: Physical and virtual infrastructure including our satellite networks, platforms and information technology (IT) systems that enable us to deliver content to our customers, among other critical business functions.
  INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Our understanding of viewer preferences, content curation and local content development is our key differentiator, while our expertise spans the entire value chain (regulations, signal transmission, marketing, distribution, payments, etc).
  PEOPLE: The skills and expertise of our teams and the productivity they contribute across our markets.
  CUSTOMER AND SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS: The critical relationships we build with our customers and our suppliers who enable content and other core services delivery.
  CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP: Our licence to operate in the countries we serve includes stakeholder relationships and engagement, and corporate reputation (while our consumption of natural resources is not material, corporate citizenship includes our responsibility to minimise the depletion of natural resources).

Our customers are our largest stakeholder group. They are the reason we exist and our primary source of revenue.


Customer service channels, direct communications (newsletters, email and SMS notifications), independent service providers and installers, advertisements and messages on our platform, outbound retention campaigns, media and press, social media, owned websites and digital applications, customer satisfaction surveys and product activations.


A company is only as good as its people. We are incredibly proud of our 6 894 employees across the group – their combined knowledge, expertise and passionate dedication towards our business and customers provide the foundation for our success.


Direct engagement with broader groups (companywide addresses and leadership forums), regular email updates, ad hoc staff events, live engagement tracking and anonymous employee feedback, workplace forums, social collaboration tools and town hall sessions.


Our suppliers are critical to our operations. They provide us with exceptional content, the technology to distribute this content, and a wealth of other services that support our business. We believe in mutually beneficial, transparent partnerships with suppliers.


Face-to-face meetings, telephonic conference calls, email communication, attendance at industry conferences and requests for proposals.


Our diverse base of local and international shareholders are the owners of our business, and trust us to generate returns in excess of our cost of capital over the long term.


Formal AGMs, individual shareholder meetings and calls, conference calls, results announcements, investor roadshows and conferences, JSE Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) announcements, reports and results, tours of our facilities, a dedicated email address for investor queries and updates on the website.


We are contributing, taxpaying members of the societies in which we operate. We engage with governments and regulators to ensure we cooperate and collaborate in a way that supports a stable and flourishing industry.


Oral and written representations to legislators and regulators, attendance and participation in legislative and regulatory processes and engagement with key government departments and industry stakeholders.


We see beyond business priorities and strive to make a lasting impact on communities. These communities represent a pipeline of customers, employees and national sporting and film heroes. Our initiatives aim to enrich the lives of Africans while being mindful of our planet’s sustainability by minimising our own impact on the environment and through Irdeto’s contribution towards wildlife protection.


Direct engagement with initiative owners, regular one-on-ones with community TV stations, meetings at relevant sporting events, interactions and training sessions with interns.