Our approach to sustainable value creation

We view value creation as a holistic process

We understand that our business operates within a larger community and impacts various parts and sections of society. We are committed to partnering with stakeholders from various parts of society to enable the creation of shared value. How we partner with these stakeholders determines both our and their ability to ensure the sustainability of our business and society.

Our external business environment is constantly evolving as consumer preferences and socioeconomic factors rapidly change. Furthermore, the complexity of the regulatory environment is increasing as markets adapt to emerging trends and innovation in content and technology. We are focused on ensuring we have the agility and foresight to adapt and maintain our competitiveness and relevance in the long term.

To this end, we adopt a robust process of identifying and evaluating material matters that may affect our business. In addition, we have a rigorous risk and opportunities framework to ensure we have appropriate plans to manage risk and pursue opportunities.

Our strategic priorities, on which our core objectives are based, are informed by the business environment and consider our risk and opportunities framework. Ultimately, in pursuit of our strategic objectives, we aim to grow both shareholder value and shared value for society. We do this by ensuring we invest in our business, our industry and our people.


    As part of our strategy process, we actively cultivate a pipeline of opportunities aligned to our purpose and strategic goals. Our group has grown through organic reinvestment in our businesses, punctuated by periodic shifts in focus through greenfields projects. Examples of these events are the launch of our digital DTH satellite business from 1995, the launch of our DTT business from 2010 and the launch of our OTT business in 2015. Looking forward, it is important for us to continue identifying and pursuing opportunities across our business segments.


    At MultiChoice, decision-making is supported by a robust risk management process that identifies potential risks and available opportunities. We align our risk management processes to our strategic planning and budgeting cycles. Risk plans are compiled annually and updated continuously to take into account changes in the external environment and organisational developments.

    The risk profile reflects our risk appetite as determined by the board. Monitoring of risk factors is the responsibility of the risk committee. Results from the enterprisewide risk management process are integrated into the business’s strategic, operational, compliance monitoring and reporting activities. Management is tasked with managing risk and delivering financial and operational performance aligned with our risk tolerance variables.