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How our activities enriched our stakeholders



customer satisfaction(1) in South Africa


customer satisfaction(1) for DStv in the Rest of Africa


customer satisfaction(1) for gotv in the Rest of Africa

(1) Customer satisfaction is an internally defined measure based on aggregation of all key points on the customer journey, weighted in terms of importance to customers.

Delivering value to our customers

Delivering exceptional experiences to our customers is at the heart of what we do. We have dedicated teams across the countries where we operate to ensure the needs of our customers are prioritised and met. In addition, customer satisfaction metrics are an integral aspect of our key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our customer-centric model, called #CustomerFirst, is designed to deliver on our brand promise at every touchpoint in the customer journey, from exploring our products to using, paying and ultimately staying on our platform.

Our dedication to enhancing the experience of our customers was recognised when the MultiChoice Group was presented with the Best Customer Experience award at the Customer 360 Africa 2019 event.

Core to the customer experience is the perception of value of our products, and the entertainment derived from it. During the reporting year, we enhanced value for our pay-TV subscribers as well as our B2B customers who are serviced by Irdeto and our advertising business, DStv Media Sales.


Our pricing decisions are based on comprehensive analysis in each of our markets. We strive to carefully balance pricing and value perception with the reality of our input costs, most notably the cost of content and technology platforms and the influence of fluctuating exchange rates. Given the weak consumer environment in many of our markets, we took active pricing measures to ensure competitiveness and value for our customers. These include maintaining price increases below inflation across all of our markets, and in some cases keeping prices flat. In our East African markets, including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, we reduced prices to ensure the value proposition remained intact and comparable with other markets.


Our customers expect exceptional content. We deliver this to them through a well-planned content strategy that provides the right mix of local and international general entertainment and sport, and a healthy balance of fresh content. Equally important is ensuring our customers are aware of the great content available to them, and that they can find the shows they want to watch. This is achieved through the efforts of our dedicated content discovery team, coupled with carefully curated channels, our digital programming guide, on-air promos and social media activity.

Refer to Content of this report for full details of our content highlights for the year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported our customers by adding more news, kids and educational content onto lower-tiered packages, and added a variety of pop-up channels to the higher-tiered packages.

More information can be found under our response to COVID-19.

New products and services

Our ongoing ambition is to innovate and launch new products for our customers. We focus on driving the uptake of our value-added services, including DStv Now, Showmax and Joox, a music streaming service in South Africa.

During the year, we improved our catch-up experience by adding more box sets and movies for viewers to enjoy. We enhanced the functionality of the DStv Now and Showmax platforms to enable an improved user experience.

We trialled live sport on Showmax to gain a better understanding of consumer needs in this regard. We launched a localised version of Showmax in Nigeria, and a mobile Showmax offering in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Through Irdeto we innovated in both our media security and connected industries businesses. Four new products were launched this year, namely:

  • Trusted home, an AI-driven connected home management solution which gives consumers control over what is connected and when in their homes, and gives operators greater ability to troubleshoot and manage broadband service calls.
  • Keystone, an advanced policy-based digital key, was deployed into new markets such as automotive, construction and heavy equipment sharing.
  • Anti-cheat is bringing fairness back to gaming by protecting in-game economies and protecting against gamer-to-gamer cheating.
  • Trusted Software, a fully automated managed service protecting iOS and Android applications.
Customer service

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) is used to enable us to transform our customer experience by optimising self-service and simplifying processes and functions. During the reporting year, we rolled out the MyDStv mobile application to a further nine markets in the Rest of Africa, bringing the total to 11, and the MyGOtv mobile application to all eight DTT markets. We saw strong uptake, achieving more than 4m downloads across both applications. In addition, we rolled out our WhatsApp self-service solution, launched in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya in the prior year to a further 10 markets in the Rest of Africa.

Our multiple customer service channels ensure customer needs are met in a manner convenient for them. In South Africa, we achieved a rating of 75% for customer satisfaction. This is because of our dedication to communicate with clients through our contact centre agents, four service centres, 110 independent service providers and more than 3.1m monthly interactions with customers on self-service, live chat, email and social media. Call volumes continue to decrease over time as customers adopt our digital service options. In the Rest of Africa, we achieved customer satisfaction ratings of 71% and 70% for DStv and GOtv respectively. Our 14 inbound call centres, 86 service centres and 1 637 independent service providers offer many avenues to reach and help our customers, along with our self-service, social media and other digital options which drove an average of 3.5m monthly interactions. In addition, we have built an extensive third-party payment network across the continent through integrations with 41 vendors in South Africa and 151 vendors in the Rest of Africa, including many large retail chains.

B2B customers

Our media sales business, DStv Media Sales, has 819 active advertising clients. We proactively engage with advertising agencies and direct clients, offering tailored sales proposals that assist clients with their overall media solutions. These include on-air advertising, on-the-ground events and digital exposure.

We started our own self-service platform, giving advertisers the power to trade with us through a portal that offers the benefits of saving previous campaigns within the cloud.

Our technology business, Irdeto, services more than 400 external customers across 71 countries, including the world's best video entertainment, gaming and connected industry service providers. We typically have a long-term relationship with our customers; we see them as partners and work with them to ensure they get the best technology solutions as their security needs evolve.


Twitter on Sunday night

Social media forms an integral part of how our customers consume and engage with our content.

To ensure our customers have a platform to connect with each other, MultiChoice created a unique 'second-screen' phenomenon. This allows customers to discuss shows on various social media platforms while watching the scheduled programming.





Customers expressed a desire for lower prices on packages, especially during difficult economic times.


Pricing is based on consumer research and local market dynamics and needs to be balanced with the cost of input and content in particular. We maintained price increases at lower-than-inflation rates and kept prices flat (or lowered prices) in some instances. Value-added services are also provided to enhance the value proposition for customers.


Flexible packages

Customers want to select their own package of channels (à la carte), or packages based on specific genres, such as a dedicated sport package or movie package.


We are constantly looking at product innovations. Our assessments are based on customer research, and where deemed feasible, new products are developed. Showmax allows customers to customise their viewing experience through streaming.


Other matters in FY20

During the year, we transitioned to a new billing approach for certain customers. The changes were not effectively communicated to these customers and this resulted in uneasiness around the amounts charged.

During some of the major sporting events, customers could not log into their DStv Now accounts to stream the matches, which resulted in dissatisfaction.


We consolidated all services on a customer's account for easier billing. Customers have the flexibility of adding services or upgrading their packages during the month, and only pay for those changes on their next payment date. Some customers were inconvenienced through the transition period, but billing queries significantly reduced since the change.

The login authentication challenges experienced on the DStv Now platform relate to the demand and growth on our OTT platforms being bigger than anticipated. We are constantly improving and evolving our systems to address these issues and scale the platform to deal with the increasing demand.



Content is repeated on the platform which erodes customer experience.


Our focus in the past year was to continue offering our customers, specifically our Premium customers, more fresh content more often. We continue scheduling the latest international and local content. It is unavoidable that shows will often appear on higher tiers first and then be scheduled on other channels for the benefit of subscribers on lower tiers.

Key focus areas going forward

Customer satisfaction and retention are an important part of the long-term sustainability of our business. We strive to continue meeting our customers' needs for great entertainment, available anytime and anywhere. This entails securing excellent sport and general entertainment content and driving new product innovation that will enhance our customers' experiences. There will be continuous improvement of processes and practices that improve customer experiences and optimise our delivery, using real-time customer satisfaction data.