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How our activities enriched our stakeholders


6 894

people permanently employed

3 018

employees formally trained during FY20

1 622

contractors and temporary staff

58 183

enrolments on learning platform


spent on skills development, of which 49% related to developing female talent

Delivering value to our employees

As a large employer, we delivered direct value to our employees through paying ZAR5.9bn in remuneration and benefits this year. Delivering value to our employees, however, extends beyond monetary rewards. We are passionate about creating a diverse workplace where people are engaged and inspired, where they can develop and refine their skills and passions, and where they can push the boundaries of innovation.

Our journey with employees starts with attracting and retaining talented individuals in line with our business objectives. By consistently upholding a strong employer brand, we engage and motivate our people to give their best. We also seek to remain a relevant and competitive employer of choice by aligning our roles, salaries and benefits to appropriate benchmarks across markets.

We ensure new employees are fully immersed into our business through an experiential induction. They gain insight into our history, vision and values. Our digitally enabled campus tour showcases our innovation DNA and commitment to information rights as well as providing insight into operational activities.

Our leadership teams invest in connecting with talented individuals and inspiring them with the impactful work we do in changing our customers' and communities' lives. We believe the stage is set for career success and winning outcomes for the group.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe diversity gives us a competitive advantage and aids in decision-making and problem-solving to provide the best solutions for our customers. We promote an inclusive, bias-free culture and deliver on our commitment to transformation and inclusiveness.

Our employees represent more than 70 nationalities across the group, with the majority from the African continent. Our employee profile comprises 47% women (FY19: 47%) and 53% men (FY19: 53%).

We actively drive inclusivity and support a network of female leaders across all levels of the organisation to champion impactful changes to ways of work for the benefit of our female talent across markets.

We are expanding inclusivity programmes within our technology businesses, where we have multiple initiatives including woman associate programmes that provide top technology female talent with shadowing, coaching and partnering opportunities with executives on skills and knowledge transfer to accelerate talent movements. We have also created a groupwide women's forum that facilitates knowledge sharing, opportunities to network and actively raise the visibility of women in the business.  

Learning and development

Our development offerings support our people with opportunities for career growth, inclusive of emerging talent, specialists, leadership and key employees. We believe growth emerges and evolves through consistent dialogues between leaders and teams, supported with active coaching, mentoring, rotational programmes and on-the-job development opportunities.

We invested ZAR191m in employee development, of which 49% was allocated to female talent. We also enabled 3 018 employees to attend formal training during the year.

Our investment in employee development included R21m in bursaries granted to internal employees, external students and employee dependants, to enable the fulfilment of their career development aspirations and opportunities for growth.

We supported graduates through their tertiary education and invested in 400 entry-level learners through structured National Qualifications Framework (NQF) aligned programmes to develop key sector skills in IT, project and general management. We are developing professional black talent through several learnerships, specialising in digital and data science, who can be integrated into our business. In February 2020 we initiated an 18-month Technology Graduate Programme, with 13 graduates who excelled in the areas of Science, Technology, English and Maths (STEM). The programme attempts to increase the availability of young talent with scarce technical skills for the business and to improve the ability of the MultiChoice Group to develop and retain these skills over time through coaching, mentoring and in-depth technical skills exposure.

We launched three flagship programmes to ensure we develop leaders who can deliver through diverse teams and embody our ethos to enrich lives:

1. The Management Essentials Programme focuses on new managers, providing the basis of managing teams in the MultiChoice way while mastering business and interpersonal skills.

2. The Leadership Programme, co-designed with Henley Business School, seeks to solve industry challenges that MultiChoice managers encounter. A total of 185 junior, middle and senior managers are on the industry recognised programme.

3. The Senior Leadership Programme, delivered in partnership with Duke International, targets 150 of our top leaders, the majority of whom are African female talent. The programme focuses on developing skills required for digital disruption, a step change in the way leaders think in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and equipping them with the mind-set to deliver on our strategic vision.

On the specialist front, we launched a targeted development programme aimed at functional and technical professionals in content, digital and technology teams. Our security and digital specialists in Irdeto opted for customised learning with well-rounded technical, digital and personal mastery learning initiatives that saw 354 employees trained with a spend of ZAR5.5m.

We continue investing in digital learning, establishing the MultiChoice Academy and democratising access to cutting edge business content across all markets. The MultiChoice Academy hosts a library of more than 4 000 curated courses developed by leading edge partners such as Udemy, Harvard and Vado Business. Courses can be accessed and completed by employees at any time, on any device and from any location. Since its launch in July 2019, the academy boasts 58 183 course registrations, 32 616 course completions and up to 202 735 hours of learning recorded on the platform.

Investing in talent development

We established various talent-focused initiatives across different divisions to address their unique challenges. These included, among others:

  • As we continue growing our digital product offerings, we implemented design thinking methodologies in our digital media sales team to allow rapid innovation and problem solving.
  • Our finance division initiated a formal job shadowing process and explored ways to optimise business operations.
  • To prioritise creating a pipeline for future executive talent, the chair of the board launched the Chairman's Top Leaders Programme. The programme is intended to ensure that the delegates' experiences are impactful and mimic real business challenges. We have partnered with a prestigious global learning institution to ensure we create an African leader with a global context.
  • Our general entertainment division launched an external scriptwriter incubator programme in partnership with the University of the Witwatersrand and select production houses. This programme encourages individuals to not just think about internal development but also consider how their talent and expertise can be extended to benefit the external industry and community.

As leadership continuity planning evolves, the business focused on developing and strengthening the talent pipeline for senior roles. In FY20, our pool of emerging talent consisted of 62% people of colour, and we continued actively growing our female succession pool by increasing the number of roles that had female successors.

We created an accelerator track, championed by our chair, aimed at seeding African leaders with a global perspective that will innovate and lead the business into the future. This programme brings together leading global institutions while combining exposure, experiences and impactful thought leadership engagements. Focus is placed on high-impact coaching, developing leadership skills and qualities that suit challenges unique to our African landscape.

Engaging our employees

Employee engagement is critical to business outcomes and driving customer experience and so we embed continuous engagement into our leaders' performance appraisals. We direct surveys to our employees on a biweekly basis, allowing us to continue growing our ambassadorship, and enable a connection between our employees and the business, our brand and our impact on society. Foundational to this connection is the quality of relationships with managers and peers which continued ranking well, reflective of robust teamwork and a sense of camaraderie among employees. We leverage the insights gained from our people to proactively coach, support and drive interventions relevant for our teams using the voice of our people.

Additionally, we ensure that our employees are provided with appropriate platforms and objective support through continuous engagement and collaboration with workplace forums and relevant bodies.

Recognition to create excellence

Our groupwide Employee Recognition Programme, called #WeSeeYou, acknowledges excellence in driving business results and living the MultiChoice values. The programme encourages employees to recognise their peers, managers, direct reports and specific teams for the value they add to the business and the lives of their peers. This year, we registered 12 704 individual digital recognitions and paid 373 individual spot awards, 654 team awards and 242 employee of the month awards. Each year, it culminates in the selection of employees who are recognised at the highest level of the organisation. We annually recognise employee loyalty and commitment through our long-service awards.

Caring for our employees' health and wellbeing

We take the wellness and safety of our employees seriously. Wellness events are held regularly and employees have free access to onsite health services. In addition, we provide access to financial planning experts, stress management advice and mental health counsellors. This year, we implemented Dooble, a lifestyle offering geared towards helping employees with all the little things that make their day-to-day lives easier. Dooble includes a personal assistant service, a driver and concierge desk to take care of employees' errands, and various lifestyle benefits that extend into family support and tutoring for children. In FY20, MultiChoice Nigeria launched in-house gym facilities across five offices nationwide and hosted several employee wellness programmes, such as mental health awareness, stress management and personal finance expertise.

The COVID-19 outbreak presented many challenges to our employees’ health and wellbeing, but we took early steps to help them during this time. Read more on Our external environment.




Restructuring the customercare division (customer-facing areas)

We embarked on a process to restructure our customer care and walk-in-centres divisions in South Africa this year, which understandably led to feelings of anxiety and low morale among the affected teams.


We diligently followed legal processes and fully engaged with staff, workplace forums, regulatory bodies and unions impacted by the process. Impact-relief measures were in place and after efforts to offer voluntary severance packages (VSPs) and repurposing staff to other areas, there were very few forced retrenchments. A skills fund was available to those who took VSPs and were retrenched, to be trained for new skills of their choice. We continue to engage with affected employees and provide support through platforms such as ICAS (an employee wellness platform) and team engagement sessions.


TRAINING, development and learning opportunities

Our employees are constantly seeking to better themselves. A key concern is knowing that there are adequate opportunities to grow within their current roles and opportunities for future progression. Furthermore, many employees want to build skills that meet shifting industry demands.


We conduct ongoing employee training and implement action items on personal development plans which all employees are required to complete. We launched the MultiChoice Academy across the group in an effort to provide more options for development and growth. Succession planning for senior and key roles is in place.

Key focus areas going forward

Looking ahead, we will continue prioritising our talent acquisition strategy to deliver on the group's strategic intent of having the best talent, representative of the diversity of the communities in which we operate and with the ethos of enriching lives. As the world adapts to changing social and technology issues, we will continue driving customer-centred, digital, data-driven ways of work, leaning on virtual teams partnering across our operations.

Our commitment to transformation is to build diverse leadership capabilities across all levels in the business. We aim to provide effective leadership development and succession planning for critical roles, and we will prioritise the transfer of knowledge, specifically in the area of scarce skills. We will continue focusing on nurturing a high-performance culture by improving employee engagement levels, and we will also enhance our employee benefits. We believe our collective efforts and focus will contribute to our purpose of enriching lives.